What’s Weingarten Writing? – The Classic Edition

WaPo’s beloved Pulitzer-Prize winning “humorist” Gene Weingarten is taking some downtime. This week’s column is a reprint of a piece he did in 2002. This is great news. WaPo will be able to hand select a GREAT piece to help us forget about how terrible his recent writing has been. Sadly, my internal optimist was left sorely disappointed because this week is just as bad as all the other poop he’s been shoveling on us recently.

It’s a recap of when Gene was brought out to a book club in Charlottesville, Va. that is run by a group of men. Gene runs through all the hackneyed jokes that you’d expect from a highschooler about the fact that it’s run by men. The invitation was extended by a man named Ashley, to which Gene says, “I was initially worried because his name is Ashley. Worse, he had confessed that he was named after Ashley Wilkes, the character from ‘Gone with the Wind’ who displayed all the manliness of a bra.” Hardee har har, Gene. Did you have images of bros snapping towels at each other while chugging beers and singing Nickelback?

It is possible for both men and women to enjoy reading. Just don’t hold it against them because they somehow don’t like reading your work.