What’s Up With Witchcraft, Magic, Psychics?


Today’s WTF craigslist ad comes from Craigslist Atlanta, where a mysterious “Dr. Bill” (who likely has no Ph.D; demand a notarized diploma before anything else!) is asking, “What’s up with witchcraft, magic, psychics, aliens, UFOs?”

Read it after the jump..

Article Writing for Website (Dallas)

Date: 2010-09-19, 6:40PM EDT

I can’t pay for contributions because I just got this project going.
Can you write about people who have grown disillusioned with Christianity, or their church, or all churches.
What about Christianity today that offends people instead of uplifting them. And what about all those doomsday predictions? Did Nostrodamas and the Aztec know something? What about witchcraft, magic, psychics, aliens, UFOs? What’s up with all that? I can use contemporary or traditional material.

I have a Yahoo group set up to discuss these issues and more. [redacted]

I also have a website where I will be publishing a lot of articles and info as I get them.

Feel free to contribute your thoughts

If you find these interestingl, spread the word to all your friends and acquaintances.

The group is a place to tell your story, or ask questions.

Dr. Bill

Obviously, this is one of those no-pay writing gigs. But the alien probes are probably free. Remember, he’s a doctor.

“photo”: Markusram