What’s Up at WaPo.com: Border Blogging, Hall of Fame, Facebook Connect

Border Blogging:
WaPo Mexico Bureau Chief William Booth and Emmy Award-winning video producer Travis Fox will post stories and video interviews as they crisscross the boarder from El Paso/Ciudad Juarez to San Diego/Tijuana and talk with a variety of people from ordinary area residents to U.S. Border Patrol Agents in “Journey Along the Border.” Their accounts from the week-and-a-half trip will be available here.

Hall of Fame:
The Fix Politics Hall of Fame will showcase their reader’s selections for the nation’s best politicians of all time. Users can submit nominations through the comments section of Chris Cillizza’s The Fix blog, or by contacting Chris through Twitter . Chris will take the three most popular nominees and post a case for and against them and users can vote to decide whose presence in the hallowed halls is beyond debate.

Facebook Connect:
WaPo became one of the largest major news sites to launch Facebook Connect, integrating the Facebook Platform throughout washingtonpost.com. Users will be able to easily share content with their friends and login to the site using their Facebook user name and password.

Facebook users can also fan The Washington Post by going to their Facebook page.