What’s the “A” in A-GPS?

You’ve probably seen the A-GPS specification on your location aware smartphone. You know that GPS (Global Positioning System) is a way to determine your location using information from satellites. But, what does the “A” part of A-GPS indicate? The “A” stands for “Assisted”. And, it indicates that your phone has other methods to determine your location in addition to satellite based GPS technology. These “other” methods involve triangulation of signals from cell towers and WiFi access points. This article in Technology Review…

Getting More from Location Data – Companies are working to add value to geospatial information

…provides interesting background information on the company Skyhook which can provide this capability and service. This service can provide geolocation information even indoors. It also provides some background on related topics such as privacy issues and speculation about how the technology will be used in the future.

You can find more information about Skyhook at: