What’s That Sharp Thing With the Eraser On It?


Following up on the link from yesterday to Maggie Macnab’s excellent essay about the troubles of working in a non-physical medium via computers and how this is affecting design education is this story from CNN, “Design Software Weakens Classic Drawing Skills.” It’s an interesting read that hits the nail squarely on the troubling head. It gives an interesting picture, both the pros and cons, of how students are being taught these days. Here’s a bit from the middle:

While art instructors may lament drawing skills of today’s students, they are not dissuading students from developing digital skills. The trick is to improve drawing to develop a solid foundation for digital skills, says Charles Pyle, director of the School of Illustration at the Academy of Art University.

“If you don’t draw and think well, your art career will be short and unpleasant,” Pyle says. “The basics serve the digital end and give the kids a vastly superior portfolio when they leave here.”