What’s Roland Tweeting?

It’s been too long since we checked in with CNN contributor, Roland Martin, on Twitter. The man has very little filter of what he will say. Hell, it even got him suspended once. But, fences have been mended and Roland is back on CNN. We’ve kept our distance from him recently to focus on other characters like FNC’s Dana Perino, but sometimes Roland just gives us stuff that’s so good we can’t help but take notice. This week, we start with someone tweeting ABOUT Roland. Author Marc Lamont Hill had a Roland sighting.

Western-Wear Roland! I would swear I was hallucinating if I saw that coming towards me. After FishbowlDC pressed Martin for confirmation of the getup, he owned up to the outfit.

In other Roland-wear related news… he attended the reopening of the Howard Theater earlier this week. Some people on Twitter noticed that he wasn’t wearing his trademark ascot.

Roland puts the ass in ascot! How could he not be wearing it?! Also, a specially ordered black silk jacket from China? What is he, a super-villain?

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