What’s Roland Tweeting?

It is with a mix of happiness and sorrow that we report that Roland Martin’s CNN suspension has been lifted after being placed there for his comments on Twitter about a David Beckham underwear ad. Sure, we’re glad that he’s back to work at CNN, but we will also be passing the torch on one of our favorite items in the Fishbowl: What’s Roland Tweeting? Sure, we’ll keep an eye on Martin. The man has diarrhea of the Twitter, so there’s plenty of material there whenever we want it. But, it just won’t be the same now that CNN has welcomed him back. So, for now, we’re going to leave “The Fam” and branch out to see what OTHER folks are tweeting. And to think, just last week, Roland recognized us and welcomed us into “The Fam.”

The feature will live on. We are currently taking suggestions as to who should be profiled in the NEXT edition of “What’s ____________ Tweeting?” Send your suggestions to FishbowlDC@mediabistro.com and we’ll keep an eye on who will assume the perch. Until then, follow Roland’s advice: