What’s Roland Tweeting?

It’s time for another edition of What’s Roland Tweeting! We can’t believe that Roland Martin is still on suspension from CNN for remarks he made on his Twitter account. It has been over a month at this point. Not that we’re necessarily complaining. We kind of like having Roland free to be able to bombard us with his constant tweeting. As we’ve said here before, while he serves his suspension, we will bring you highlights of his Twitter feed.

Today’s edition of WRT is foodie focused. Martin is engaging his followers in a discussion called #foodflashback. He’s sharing some childhood memories of foods he used to eat.

Roland, I don’t think Mother Martin would appreciate you dragging her good name through the mud! What else is Martin serving up?

Cornbread and milk? In a glass? Like a bread milkshake? Or in two separate servings like a civilized human being? Let’s have one other tasty tweet from Roland. While bringing up a lunch he recently had with producer of his TVONE television show, Jay Feldman, Roland says…

So, even as a grownup, he gets mad if someone orders liver. And what the hell is “Whoopi Color Purple evil eye”??  Is that a dish they serve in restaurants?

As long as he keeps his tweets scattered, smothered and covered, we’ll be watching and bringing you editions of What’s Roland Tweeting!