What’s Ric Grenell Tweeting?

Ric Grenell, the short-lived foreign policy adviser to the Mitt Romney campaign, spends a lot of time tweeting, especially to send out sassy quips to journalists and news outlets. Last month he went on the attack against BuzzFeed‘s Michael Hastings for his coverage of the President Obama campaign, calling Hastings an “Obama sympathizer.”

Grenell’s angst is far-reaching in the world of news media. Just look at all the trash-talking he did in less than 24 hours.

This morning Grenell took a shot at Politico‘s media reporter Dylan Byers for a post Byers did on political columnist Glenn Greenwald’s move from Salon to The Guardian. “Not a single critique of the left, Greenwald or Salon in that piece,” Grenell wrote of the post, which was straightforward in its reporting by any measure (mine).

In response to a tweet from Mediaite that simply linked to a clip of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, Grenell said, “You tweeted a ‘Stewart Rips Romney’ link recently. Is this a new series for Mediaite?” The clip was more Stewart mocking conservatives in media rather than Romney himself. Further, Mediaite, along with countless other blogs that cover media, regularly pulls bits from The Daily Show. Shockingly, almost on a daily basis.

Grenell’s tweets aren’t all fiery, though. Again this morning he tweeted a compliment to CNN’s Candy Crowley. “We need more reporters like Candy Crowley covering the presidential race. Smart, tough and always fair,” he said.

Back to the spicy. Over a two-hour span of time last night, Grenell went after Reuters‘ Sam Youngman for a story he did that didn’t acknowledge a new national NYT/CBS News poll that showed Romney with a slight lead in the election. Or rather, Youngman didn’t acknowledge the poll until the third paragraph.

More of Grenell’s Youngman aggression from last night:

  • “Washington media types love to quote the NewYorkTimes until the NYT has a poll showing Romney up. Then silence. Que more Romney tax stories.”
  • “You want evidence of Washington’s media bias? new poll shows Romney up and Reuters leads with 3 paragraphs on Mitt’s taxes!”
  • “Shhh don’t tell Reuters’ Sam Youngman.” (here Grenell retweeted a link to the NYT/CBS News poll)

Youngman responded, “I wouldn’t have led with someone else’s poll. Sorry we didn’t get to work together. Good luck to you, sir.”