What’s Politico Tau’s Beef With Beagles?

Politico‘s Ben Smith has quite a scrappy assistant in Byron Tau. Late last week he critiqued Washington’s hometown magazine, which took a break from creating another list of dentists and instead gave us a weird story about Beagle packs.

“The Washingtonian with some hard hitting journalism: ‘Pictures of Beagles,'” Tau wrote in a Thursday tweet after checking out the mag’s homepage. But before you declare Tau a Beagle hater, consider that his mother has one and that he loves them. Meet Halley, otherwise known as Exhibit A that Tau doesn’t despise Beagles or wish them any harm after the jump…

The story takes readers into the underworld of “Beagling.” Underworld might be strong. This is an English sport in which Beagles chase rabbits while unarmed hunters (huh?) follow. The Beagles don’t kill the rabbits. The whole ordeal is just to get everyone outdoors exercising and drinking Port.

See Washingtonian‘s eight-page Beagle spread here.