What’s Next for Qualcomm’s Snappy Snapdragon Processor (the engine in the Nexus One)?

The 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon in my Nexus One Android-one seems like a peppy enough processor. But, I can’t say it seems significantly faster than my Droid. Still, it seems to let the Nexus One be quite responsive. In fact, the Nexus One’s speedy web page rendering performance makes it my current favorite mobile browsing device (beating out the previous champ, my iPhone 3G). So, what’s next for the Snapdragon? Here’s what TechRadar learned while being briefed by Qualcomm’s Senior VP of Product Management…

Qualcomm talks up the dual-core, 1080p-capable future of Snapdragon

– 1.3GHz 45mm version shipping later this month
– Dual-core version will be available later this year

Qualcomm is clearly trying to position the Dual-core for a non-Microsoft-Windows smartbook category while distancing itself from what they call the netbook-running-Windows category. Chrome OS seems to be their platform of choice for their smartbooks. I would have preferred to see Android, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, or even Moblin with native app support. Still, an instant-on web browsing device with a physical keyboard would make a nice replacement for the Nexus One that currently serves as my in-house Internet “tablet”.