What’s New in Version 5.9 of the Facebook Audience Network SDK?

Several improvements are being tested with a limited number of users

Application install ads were redesigned Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network rolled out version 5.9 of its software-development kit Tuesday.

The social network detailed improvements that it is testing in SDK 5.9 in a blog post, saying that they will start out being shown to a limited number of users and will be extended further should they prove successful.

Application install ads were redesigned, displaying more of the advertiser’s information within the ads to increase engagement and improve the experience. And for Android, the new experience for rewarded video and interstitial ads mimics the design of the Google Play Store.

Facebook is also introducing Instant Storefront ads within the interstitial experience, allowing advertisers to build mobile shopping experiences that let viewers browse product catalogs.

A new Watch & Browse experience for rewarded video and interstitial website conversion ads brings an in-app browser to ads so users can click through to the destination while keeping the video in context, extending app session engagement.

Playable ads were the subject of improvements, as well, including to the impression rate.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.