What’s New with AppData!

AppData introduces the "Social Graph" tab, a new feature that shows the social buzz surrounding an app.


Evaluating an app’s MAUs is not the only way to gauge its success. That’s why we’re introducing the “Social Graph,” a tab that analyzes an app’s Facebook page. You can find the Social Graph next to the MAU & DAU tab of an app profile.

The Social Graph can tell you everything from vanity metrics to engagement to audience distribution. These metrics can be a good indicator of how an app is doing. For example, Candy Crush Saga’s Facebook engagement has been on the decline for some time, showing that people aren’t as enthusiastic about the game as they used to be. Just this past week, there was a drop of about 30,000 “people talking about this.” Compared to the same time last year, this figure has declined by over one million.

Hit social games generate social buzz. What happens when the buzz dies down? Perhaps the game is on its way out too.

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