What’s Meghan McCain Tweeting?

MSNBC Contributor and Daily Beast‘s Meghan Marguerite McCain is a rebel. How can you tell? Because she tells you, that’s how.

She took to Twitter to tell the world, “I have more beanies, vans and issues with authority than most sixteen year old skater kids.”

Yeah, she’s ready to have a “Chickie Run” out at the edge of town or a knife fight at the Griffith Observatory. Those are references to “Rebel Without a Cause” for the uninitiated.

As for the “beanies” part of her tweet… McCain had to clarify to former “The State” star Michael Showalter that she has a collection of the knit caps “that would make Jason Mewes envious.”  Because something your mom crochets for you is how Brando rolled in “The Wild One.”  (To save you the Google, Mewes is “Jay” in “Jay and Silent Bob” from Kevin Smith movies.)

On the subject of her “issues with authority,” the most glaring examples of her rebelling seem to be her reluctance to allow an editor to take a run at her drivel and her complete unwillingness to let any knowledge she has access to sink into her head and stay there.

But fear not, America. Meghan is truly a rebel. So much so that her next tweet was about just how excited she is about last night’s premiere of The Bachelor. So at least she got the 16-year-old part right.

When it comes to being a “rebel,” McCain is more Danny Zuko than Jim Stark.

Hey Meghan, you know something? You read too many comic books.