What’s Politico’s JMart Tweeting?

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Politico’s Jonathan Martin. We’ve been known to chronicle the egregious grammatical errors that sometimes litter his Twitter feed, but he has cleaned up his act in recent weeks. The fascinating thing about JMart is that he’s a good writer and a strong reporter. Maybe Twitter just isn’t his thing. Half-thoughts, confusing abbreviations and caveman-speak just make him look silly or illiterate, so we’re glad to see his improvements.

Maybe he’s seen the light and got hooked on phonics? Has he reformed? Well, not entirely.

He’s recently started sliding back into slang and shortcuts that hurt our heads. A classic example of JMart-ese is this tweet:

When author Richard Ben Cramer passed away, Martin tweeted about “the imptnce of Richard Ben Cramer.” Jonathan, you had room to just write the word, “importance.” The way I read it is that you are implying that the man had erectile dysfunction and you were speaking about his “impotence.”

And look at this folksy yarn that JMart spins on Dodd-Frank.

I didn’t know we were on a “ya” basis with him! On top of all that, on Monday evening, JMart felt the need to update us on current sunlight conditions. He simply tweeted, “Dark at 509.” All of the windowless people reading your tweets thank you for your service of telling them about sundown.