What’s JMart Tweeting?

Twitter is a weird place. While we can appreciate the creativity that it breeds by putting a 140-character restriction on users, it can yield some very bizarre creations. Perhaps no one struggles with that limit more than Politico’s Jonathan Martin. We’ve documented JMart’s ongoing struggle with Twitter before, but it’s worse than ever.

For example, JMart sent this tweet on Tuesday morning: “LaCivita cites dislike 4 “mandates” RT @LVozzella: Cuccinelli backed failed bid to ease ultrasound-before-abortion law goo.gl/yK5Ng.” We particularly enjoy the substitution of numerals for words. It’s a trademark for young high-school students JMart. Another calling card is to use slang and shorthand when he doesn’t even need to. Just write the word, “for.” Why make it look like you are writing in binary code?

It only gets worse.

The same day, Martin retweeted a story about Sen.David Vitter (R-LA) remaking himself as a “Senate insider.”

JMart finds the story “V Interesting” because of the “potential ’15 guv race.” At this point, this is par for the course for JMart. We actually understand this one after reading so much of his weird ramblings. But, nothing could prepare us for the trainwreck of JMart-ese that came flying our way last week. Read this, if you can:  

What. Is. That? After reading this a few dozen times, my brain started leaking out of my ears. Is his keyboard broken?