What’s JMart Tweeting?

With the election now less than two weeks ago, journos are limping to the finish line of Election Day. Their heads are spinning wildly from the back and forth travel, changing news cycle and fatigue. Maybe THAT’S the reason Politico’s SENIOR Political Reporter Jonathan Martin has a Twitter feed that reads like an ancient Egyptian riddle. We never know what the hell he’s trying to tell us.

Luckily, we speak JMart-ese. We’ll translate… What he was TRYING to say was, “While listening to the radio on my FM dial, I heard an ad for Presidential candidate, Barack Obama. The ad was targeting the youth vote, which was evident by the phrase, “Come on, man.” Also, two references were made to the fact that Willard “Mitt” Romney received schooling at Harvard University, where he earned 2 degrees.”

See? It’s not that JMart is illiterate. Maybe Twitter just isn’t his thing. The constrains of keeping it 140 characters must be killing him.

We must admit that, overall, his tweets HAVE gotten slightly more coherent. For that, we thnk u vry mch, JMart.