What’s JMart Tweeting?

Since we started monitoring Politico’s Jonathan Martin’s twitter feed, we’ve been treated to some of the worst, most annoying internet shorthand. I’ll be the first to admit that it SEEMS to have gotten slightly better in recent days. For example, when he was on the road with Mitt Romney in Miami, he tweeted, “Great to be back at Miami’s grande dame, the biltmore – last time here was waking up on election day ’08. Start of a long day.” That’s halfway coherent. Gold star, JMart!

However, every now and then, he drives us CRAZY with tweets that read like Morse Code.

So, we’re back to the “sez.” He has all the eloquence of a teenage girl. Not to mention, we really respect the fact that he said “3 days of heck” instead of just saying “hell.” Golly gosh gee willikers, J-Mart! You could have really offended someone, champ!

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