What’s JMart Tweeting?

As journos in Charlotte look for new and different ways to cover the DNC, Politico’s Senior Political Reporter Jonathan Martin has a unique idea. Write tweets that make you sound like a maniac. Just look at the gobbledygook he tweeted Wednesday night as America basked in the glow of the Bill Clinton speech.

Great scoop! Considering they just embraced in front of a national TV audience, is it really news that they put their arms around each other in the moments after?  

As Clinton’s speech dragged on and on, people wondered how long he could keep it up.  JMart chimed in, too.  

Oh, really, JMart? CUD he? Cud he really?!?!  This is what drives us crazy about the JMart tweets. There’s no good reason at all to shorten “Could” to “Cud” in that tweet. It just makes it look like you are a crazy person who can’t read or write.