What’s Jake Tweeting?

While we have recently focused on Dana Perino and Roland Martin in our “What’s ______ Tweeting?” feature, we are branching out to take a look a look at the tweets of Politico’s Jake Sherman. The Shermanator, as we like to refer to him, is best buds with NBC’s Luke Russert, which often makes for interesting copy. He’s also well-known for mixing analysis of Congress with tasty nugs of bootleg videos of noodly jam band video clips. And today is no exception.

Sherman, aside from flirting with the Huntsman daughters, also gives us little sneak peaks into the lives of Politico reporters. Just look at this tweet with the accompanying photo above right. “This is me trying to show my editor @mkady that there is a camera built into a Mac laptop. #politicounfiltered” Sherman is bringing Politico’s Marty Kady into the 21st century by introducing him to the strange, new technology known simply as “The Web-Cam.”

We have a feeling that covering Sherman’s tweets will be a long, strange trip.