What’s It Like to Write a Dating Column?

Jozen Cummingsknows how to set up a perfect blind date. As the dating reporter for the New York Post‘s Meet Market column, he calls himself a “date-maker” instead of a “matchmaker.”

In Mediabistro’s latest installment of So What Do You Do?, Cummings talks about the lessons he’s learned from working at the Post and what it’s like to write a dating column:

What’s the writing process for a dating column?

I work with OK Cupid a lot — they send me single people and I work with their compatibility algorithm. I also created a questionnaire where I ask participants everything from what their favorite board game is to the type of places they prefer hanging out. I care a lot about the dates I set up. I know what time they’re going out and where they’re going. Even though I’m not anywhere in the vicinity, I keep my phone close in case they need anything. Then everybody who goes out is instructed to give me a recap of their date. When I get the email that’s basically going to tell me everything that happened, I cannot tell you how nervous I am because I just hope that people have a good time. That’s what I care about the most.

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— Aneya Fernando