What’s It Like Being On ’30 Second Pitch’?

MediaJobsDaily reader and PR/communications professional John Lee made it on CNN’s weekly “30 Second Pitch” feature Tuesday and kicked some butt.

“Bit of a highwire act, but good experience,” Lee told us via e-mail.

Interesting tidbit: He e-mailed CNN his initial pitch and heard back from them the next business day. Just as in job applications and freelance pitches, if they like you, you’ll often hear right away.

On Tuesday at 10:05:

I walk out of the snow (really snizzle) and into CNN’s New York Columbus Circle offices, was met by a news assistant, Jean, who shuttled me off for an intense 30 minutes getting set for my 30 seconds.

After getting spackled with make-up to prepare me for my hi-def debut, I was lead into a small studio and had the IFB plugged into my ear. While listening to the live programming, praying for no breaking news, I reviewed my spiel two or three more times, did a couple of voice-checks and moments later was talking to anchor Kyra Phillips live from the Atlanta studio.

This week CNN had three ’30 Second’ pitchers, and I was glad not to have to go first. Each of us fielded a couple of questions from Kyra and then it was showtime…a lot to say and little time to say it.

Watch the clip and notice how Lee plugs his e-mail address— he told us it was a new one opened just for this segment, which is good because in addition to being filled with encouraging notes and possible business deals, he says he’s received “complex propositions from a variety of Nigerian oil ministers…”

Anyway, rock on, John!

If you want to be on 30 Second Pitch, check out this link.