What’s Hot in the iPad Top Grossing Apps List? Comic Books!

The top grossing iPad app has, generally speaking, alertnated between some version of Angry Birds and Apple’s Pages word processing app. A variety of apps have popped into the number one spot in between Angry Birds and Pages taking turns at the top. This week, however, something interesting happened in the list of top 10 grossing iPad apps. Two versions of essentially the same comic book app took the #1 and #6 positions. The comiXology and DC Comics apps are both available for free. Comic book issues can be bought through in-app purchases that cost between 99 cents and $2.99 per issue. Although comic books are published periodically like magazines and newspapers, comic books have the advantage of being desirable as purchases weeks, months, years or even decades after their first publication.

DC Comics recent “52” campaign that rebooted all of the firm’s major super hero characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) may be contributing to the comiXology and DC Comics apps. DC Comics comic books can be purchased an read in either app.

comiXology (iTunes App Store)

DC Comics (iTunes App Store)