What’s Weingarten Writing?

Our weekly series focusing on the incoherent blather from Gene Weingarten, Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist for WaPo, has been critical of the mustachioed “humorist.” Let’s just say that he hasn’t been putting much effort into his pieces. Hell, last week, it was just a cut-and-paste job of someone else. And before that, he was bringing in other people and animals to help him write his column. Maybe this week was different? Well, yes and no. This week, Gene caught up with the author of the Fake Gene Weingarten account on Twitter. Like any spoiled journalist, he complained that he didn’t have a fake Twitter account lampooning and – POOF – one appeared.

Gene has his editor, Tom the Butcher, ask Fake Gene and Real Gene a set of questions and brings us the results. WaPo even put up a poll and allows you to vote on who is funnier. When last we checked, Fake Gene held a very comfortable lead over Real Gene. Maybe they should make Fake Gene a more permanent fixture. We all know Real Gene would welcome the opportunity to have someone else write his column.