What’s Gene Tweeting?

I’ll say this about Gene Weingarten. The man is entertaining. The problem is, I’m not sure if he’s losing his mind and we’re laughing at him, or if he is pulling an Andy Kaufman-esque stunt on us and laughing with us. The Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist for WaPo spends a fair amount of time on Twitter. His tweets range from sad attempts at comedy to random observations on everyday life. Gene even lets us in on the life of his dog, Murphy.

Leave it to Gene to take in a dog even weirder than he is. But, that’s hardly the weirdest thing that Gene tweets. He also spends plenty of time tweeting about pee. He tweeted, “I have said this before but it bears repeating: Write your name on the cup first, THEN pee.” I’ve found it always makes sense to take life advice from a man with a pile of poop as his Twitter avatar.

Gene also offers up advice to recently fired Yahoo! News Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian. He tweeted at Chalian, saying, “I don’t know you but I get this joke. It’s at the expense of liberal media, not the Repubs. You should make that clearer.” Weingarten followed up with his followers by saying, “Yahoo! shouldn’t have fired this guy. It was clearly a joke not intended to be public. I’d say same if target was Dems. “

Chalian hasn’t responded to Weingarten, obviously. When you’re in a hole, it’s probably best to stop digging.