What’s Fournier Tweeting?

Road trip! Fournier-style! Last week, National Journal’s Ron Fournier tweeted “This is my daughter’s wedding day.” Congratch, Ron. It’s a big day. My children are too young to be married, so I’m basing that sentiment on the Steve Martin movies. This big event means that the Fournier family trucked it to Detroit Rock City. Naturally, Fournier tweeted his whole excursion. Well, I’ll give him a LITTLE credit. He didn’t tweet the actual wedding ceremony. What he’s doing is embarking on a bizarre travelogue of commentary and photos profiling the state of Michigan as he sees it. Naturally, he’s using the hashtag “#puremichigan” all along the way.

Ready for a tour of Fournier Fun? Yeah, neither am I, but let’s jump in anyway. 

To begin, we are shown a picture of the Fournier Family disobeying clearly marked rules at their hotel. To the left, you see them CLEARLY ignoring the hotel dress code. Fournier instagrammed his way through the state of Michigan with photos of scenery and family shots that, while boring, were sweet.

Fournier fell back into routine on the road by tweeting out some country music lyrics. He tweeted, “For he who travels fastest is alone” out of nowhere. Then, he had to correct his tweet later by writing: “(Correction) “For he who travels fastest goes alone.” Maybe all that family time has made him go mental.

On Wednesday morning, Fournier ventured out to grab coffee with the locals. He went to Country Market and Bakery and gave us the play-by-play of his breakfast. Fournier describes it as a place where the waitresses tell customers, “If you’d like more coffee just bring up that mug” and tweets that regulars all pour their own coffee. He also describes the place as smelling like donuts and aftershave, which doesn’t exactly make me want to eat there. It sounds like an uncomfortable hug from my granddad after breakfast. No thanks.

Not sure when Ron is coming back to D.C. Clearly, he loves being in Michigan, so I’m happy for him. But, I’m starting to need some time off from his vacation updates.