What’s Danish for “where would you like the escape tunnel dug, Mr. Pelosi?”

mobster.gifOn the day when the Daily News tells us how a judge handed down the expected 25-to-life sentence to socially ambitious L.I. hit man Danny Pelosi for whacking his paramour’s husband, Fishbowl knows that this might mean no fun at all in Ossining after lights out. Our joy was complete, therefore, to find that, across the Atlantic, Danish daily www.politiken.dk can report that in northern Europe, Justitia treats her gangsters with groupie adoration:

One Emidio Salomone, a true-blue mafioso accused of attempted murder, car bombings, racketeering, drug dealing and illegal arms possession all over the continent for years, was let go by the Copenhagen Central court today. How’s that? Interpol was all over this guy, for months. “They’ll let me wait for four years,” he explained before his arrest last month, “and then they’ll let me go.” As it is, they let him go after 27 days because a Roman court revoked the arrest orders. Hmm. Sound familiar? Gets Fishbowl all sentimental.

Run, Danny, run! Make for JFK and get yourself to Europe, where things are still the way they were in the Old Days. More tips on www.politikenweekly.dk and www.corriere.it for other L.I. thugs looking for a change of scenery.