What’s Dana Tweeting?

If you want political insight with a conservative point of view, you should follow Fox News’ Dana Perino on Twitter. If you like compromising photos of people’s pets, you should also follow Dana Perino on Twitter. It’s a mixed bag with Perino. One moment, she’s criticizing Congress for not having put forth a budget, then she’ll tease Greg Gutfeld, co-host of “The Five,” then she’ll tweet out occasionally pornographic pictures of her beloved pooch, Jasper.

For example, here’s Dana ribbing Gutfeld, Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel, her co-hosts of the Five, in a recent tweet:

What a tease! Seeing Eric Bolling wearing nothing but a Constitution is scary enough, but I REALLY want to here about Bob Beckel’s date.

Dana then waded into the recent NFL replacement refs controversy by tweeting:

Luckily, she acknowledged that she was only joking because the referees she was complaining about were the real, reinstated refs.

But just like Skynyrd has to play “Free Bird”, Dana knows her hits. It didn’t take long for her to tweet out the picture of her pup, Jasper, seen above in a compromising position. Dana tweets, “Can not bear the anticipation of the debate – wake him when it’s over!”

This actually works on a lot of levels because Jasper is doing a really good job of summing up how I act when I see people tweeting about their pets.