What’s Dana Tweeting?

It’s time to peek in on what Dana Perino of Fox News is tweeting these days. So far, she seems to be very comfortable with over-sharing her thoughts on random topics as they pop into her head. Today, we are focusing on the must-have accessory of the season: The Perino Pack! Over the weekend, Dana tweeted that fellow Fox News friend and colleague, Greg Gutfeld, made a crack about her backpack.

A backpack covered in sequins for Princess Perino? If only we could get a look at such a monstrosity. Oh, wait. Perino tweeted out a pic of the pack for us to ridicule enjoy. We’re no fashion critic, but it’s pretty bad. It’s like a backpack screwed a rainbow and gave birth to this monstrosity. While she thinks Greg was being mean, we think he might have been trying to stage an intervention. Perino is unfazed by his taunts and later tweeted, “I felt humiliated at first when @greggutfeld ridiculed my backpack in front of everyone but now I wear it with pride (and good posture).”

Whatever you say, Dana. Wear it with pride if you wish, but we’re with Gutfeld on this one. That’s a fugly bag.