What’s to Become of Condé Nast’s Digital Orphans?

The once 'critical' division seems to have fallen off the radar

Whither Condé Nast Digital? The division that comprised the company’s magazine-branded websites has shrunk as those venues were handed to the individual publishers after executives decided that print and digital should be operated together.

The company still hasn’t replaced Sarah Chubb, who stepped down as president of Condé Nast Digital in February. Jamie Pallot, the division’s editorial director, has left, too—to become Vanity Fair’s editorial director of multimedia projects.

“They’re clearly unwinding the structure,” one Condé Nast executive says. Existing divisions have taken a few of the stand-alone sites under their wings, including Style.com (now part of the Fairchild Fashion Group), and Ars Technica (operated by Wired). But that still leaves a handful of orphan brands to deal with. They include the tiny travel site Concierge and once highly touted social gaming app Gourmet Live, but also big success stories like the award-winning Epicurious and news aggregator Reddit.

Once called “critical” to Condé Nast’s future, the division seems to have fallen off the radar. The company wouldn’t comment.