‘Whatevs’:WaPo Bloggers Get Into Brawl

Two of WaPo‘s partisan bloggers got into a Twitter brawl this morning. In one corner, Jennifer Rubin, conservative writer of the Right Turn. In the other, Greg Sargent, who writes The Plum Line, which hangs a little to the left.

The dustup began with Rubin interjecting herself into a conversation Sargent was having with another Twitter user. The offending tweet from Sargent: “Crony capitalists enrich selves with undue influence over govt; unlimited contribs increase special interests’ influence over govt.” Rubin responded, “That isn’t crony capitalism Greg.. Crony capitalism is when govt then gives them $ – like Solyndra.”

Sargent disagreed with Rubin’s definition. “It refers to companies that use political connections to score things like tax breaks. Exacerbated by no limits,” he shot back.

The two then appeared to reach common ground. “[C]orrect- which is different than following Citizen United.. you’ve confused the Firt [sic] Amendment and crony capitalism,” Rubin tweeted at Sargent.

Ouch! Sargent took exception with Rubin’s definition of crony capitalism and suggested she was misunderstanding what he was talking about in the first place. “No, I’m saying unlimited contribs that Romney supports makes crony capitalism *more* likely,” he replied.

The back and forth turned personal when Sargent dismissed Rubin with, “Whatevs. There’s bipartisan agreement that it’s absurd for Romney to claim questioning Bain years is ‘anticapitalist.'”

Rubin replied, “That’s the left’s case .. left ability to convince selves they understand the GOP or rep bipart consensus alwys amuses,” adding in a follow up tweet, “and whatevers is what my 10 year old says, not really smart.”


Sargent sent a final condescending tweet, “Are you really incapable of understanding that I’m talking about the general election here, and not the primary?”

The last word went to Rubin: “I am. Take a look at our paper’s editorial page, Greg.”