What You Should Think, Straight From the Huffington Post

Today we perused the opinion-laced pages of HuffPost, mostly so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found:

Job Advice for Your Post-Pipsqueak Years 

HuffPost senior editor Anne Brenoff has some tips for those of you who might be seeking a job later in life, say after you’ve hit 45. The real promise here, though, is that these will be tips we haven’t seen a “million” times already. Her first? Emphasize your experience. Nope, never saw that one. We’re not sure how one would de-emphasize experience in a job hunt. Maybe it involves hiding your resume from HR? Making them answer riddles to figure out what your last job was? It doesn’t really get better from there. Aside from her penchant for attaching less than flattering labels to everyone around her (Pipsqueak, 20-something hipster, millennial—trust us, the way some of you use that last one, it’s not flattering) and telling us to address age-related stereotypes head on in the same column, she recounts a bizarre desire to correct a 30-something interviewer who had the absolute, unmitigated gall to not yet be married. Horror! The shame! Do tell, Anne. At what age should we all have been married to meet your approval?

Who Gave Justice John Roberts a Copy of the Gay Agenda? Who?!

In the category of it’s about time someone brought this up, HuffPost’s Gay Voices editor-at-large Michael Signorile recounts the Supreme Court’s arguments over DOMA and how a few Justices, namely Chief Justice John Roberts, made it a point to emphasize the supposed political clout of an “‘all-powerful’ gay lobby.” The argument is more serious than most probably realize, as a group’s political power plays a big part in how courts decide to review the way government treats them. As stupid as it seems, if you become too good at fighting discrimination, our legal system gives the government greater latitude to discriminate. Signorile doesn’t get into those legal nuances, but he does point out the obvious: the idea that gays have risen to the point that they don’t need the Court’s protection is a right-wing fiction along the same lines of the gay agenda. You know, the one it seems they’ve always got a copy of?

If you use a computer, are you a conformist?

Repent, Computer User! The End Is Near 

What we gather from HuffPost contributor Nathan Schneider’s blog post yesterday—featured on the site’s DC page—is that merely touching a computer at this moment means we are conformist, capitalist pigs contributing to a surveillance state just to feed our egos, and this is bringing about the downfall of society, and eventually, probably, the universe. Microsoft is kind of okay, we think, according to Schneider, if you happen to be one of the two or three people who purchased Windows 8. Adobe? No. Amazon? No. Google? No. If you’re a Mac user, take this ominous warning to heart: “Macs are on version 10.8 now, and 10.9 is next. What will come after that? 11.0?” It’s been a while since we learned to count, but… yes?

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