What You Got Into Design For In the First Place: Designing Fences for Horses


A bit of a ramble here. Is it just because, as this writer gets older, and because he’s been writing for this site now for almost a year, that he just notices this stuff more? Or have we entered a world where, if you’re going to do something, you make sure that someone in the general public gets a chance to design it? Sure, we remember design contests when we were kids, and we’re sure there were a billion before us, but it sure does seem like there’s been a recent surge. Case in point: you’ve got equestrian activities at the 2008 Olympics…you’ve got to have fences for that…let’s hold a big design contest for people to design the equestrian fences! Hooray! Fun! Here’s a quote:

People can learn how to appreciate both the beauty and excitement of equestrian competition through the design contest. Jumping fences are also a good means to promote Hong Kong’s brand images – cosmopolitan, progressive and innovative.

Because nothing says you’re cosmopolitan than…fences…and riding horses.