What You Can Expect From VidCon 2010

The VidCon three-day conference kicks off tomorrow in LA, celebrating the best in online video, so we thought we’d share with you a little bit about what you can expect, from the inspiration behind the conference to who is going to be there. Organized by the younger Vlogbrothers brother, Hank Green, VidCon is the first conference of its kind, bringing together the most influential people in the online video industry to bask in the glory of the online video world.

Organizer and Vlogbrother Hank Green describes VidCon as “the biggest and best and awesomest social online video conference of all time because it is the first one so far. It’s a conference and a celebration where the people creating the most interesting and successful video content on the Internet can get together, celebrate their communities and discuss what’s coming next in this peculiar world.”

So who’s going to be there? Well, basically everyone who’s anyone in the world of online video and all their biggest fans. Speakers include Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green, YouTube’s Hunter Walk, Auto-tune the News, Michael Buckley, Julia Nunes, Philip DeFranco, Dave Days, Ze Frank, Shane Dawson, Charlie McDonnell, iJustine, The Station, Ryan Higa, Charles Trippy, Alli Speed, Shay Carl, Mystery Guitar Man, Brittani Louise Taylor and more.

There will be a little bit of talk about serious issues like YouTube DMCA takedowns and Hunter Walk will be making a special YouTube announcement during his keynote speech. However, the main focus of the conference will be on emphasizing the relationship between online video creators and their audiences. According to NewTeeVee, “In a phone interview, Green compared VidCon to the Penny Arcade-organized PAX conference, which brings together both the video game industry as well as video game enthusiasts for a celebration of the industry. This means the focus of VidCon is on connecting attendees with each other and their favorite YouTube creators.”

The full schedule of speakers for the first two days can be found on the VidCon 2010 website. But what is going down on July 11, the third day of the VidCon? The schedule for the third day of the conference has not been officially announced, and is expected to be made up of more informal and fun events. Back in April, Hank Green posted a video asking attendees what they’d like to see on the last day of the conference. He called it “user-generated conference content.” We could see a poetry slam, a crazy game of Calvinball (a Calvin and Hobbes ball game with no rules), or really anything, though according to Green attendees shouldn’t expect a 45-minute block of Shane Dawson stroking.

VidCon tickets are entirely sold out. However, the event will be streaming live starting tomorrow, July 9, at 12 pm EDT. Are you attending the event or do you plan to watch the live stream? Which speakers are you most excited about?