What Would You Think About a 32-inch Android Tablet?

What would you think of an Android tablet with a 32-inch display? OK, I’ll fess up and acknowledge that SKR Technology’s 32-inch Android based display system is not a tablet. But, if you view the demo produced by diginfo.tv, you’ll see that all the conventional Android tablet features are there including a giant version of the on-screen virtual keyboard.

Video: 32″ Multi-touch Android-Based Digital Signage Display (Daily Mobile)

SKR Technology produces digital signage products. So, this 32-inch “tablet” makes perfect sense. In fact, they plan to produce larger Android-controlled digital displays too.

Although the signs are intended for use set up vertically on walls, you can see how it may have interesting possibilities as a large tablet top system similar to Microsoft’s Surface table product. A custom graphical interface that lets multiple people work around a large table display might have some intersting possibilities.

Video courtesy of Diginfonews