What Would You Give Up at Work for the Ability to Choose a Mobile Device?

Sybase, a database firm now owned by SAP, surveyed 500 employees at companies in the U.S. and UK with revenues of $100M or more. Among the questions asked was: Which of the Following, if any, Would You Be Willing to Give Up if You Were Able to Use the Type of Mobile Device You Want for Work for the Rest of Your Career? Please Choose all that Apply. Not all of those surveyed responded to this question. And, there was what appears to be a difference between those who work at small companies (100 to 1000 employees) and large companies.

Sybase Survey Finds Employees Willing To Give Up Free Coffee, Paid Parking, And Even A Vacation Day, For Choice Of Mobile Device And Access To Apps In The Workplace

While 75% of people who work at small companies were willing to give up one or more perks in order to choose a mobile device of their own choice, 65% of those at large companies were willing to do the same. Given these conditions and differences, it is still surprising to learn what people say they are willing to give up in order to use the mobile device of their own choice for work.

While the big two (free coffee – 58% and free food – 39%) may not be too surprising, I was susprised to see relatively big ticket items (from any worker’s point of view) like a paid parking space (26%), a paid vacation day (20%) or 1% of retirement savings (12%) which could add up to thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars over a working lifetime.