What Would That Roll Call Alumni Baseball Roster Look Like?

One reader sends in a starting rotation:

1) Matt Rohan – Center Field
2) John Bresnahan – 1B
3) Jim Vandehei – Pitcher
4) Glenn Simpson – 3B
5) Brody Mullins – S.S.
6) Paul Kane – Right Field
7) Tim Curran – Designated Hitter
8) Mary Ann Akers – Catcher
9) Chris Cillizza – Rover
10) Mary Jacoby – second base
11) Mark Preston – substitution

Another tipster writes in asking: “So why dont the C-Spans bottles say Roll Call 46th Annual Baseball Game?”

>UPDATE: A tipster writes in:

    Having spent two years as a regular member of the EditOrioles during the early 1990s, I can testify that Glenn Simpson almost never played, so you need a sub at 3B. Tim Curran was the captain, however…and quite a good pitcher, at that.

>UPDATE2: A tipster writes in:

    Sorry Kenny Day was always the best pitcher!

>UPDATE3: A tipster writes in:

    And whats up with Jack Smith, he needs to play 3B!