What Would Jesus Junket? Aussie church fires back at “DaVinci”

Sometimes, life imitates art. Other times, the afterlife imitates art. jesus.jpg.jpg

Per the BBC,

“The Anglican Church in the city of Sydney is to show its own video in 250 cinemas to coincide with the release of The Da Vinci Code film. It will tell ‘the truth about Jesus,’ according to church officials, who are concerned that the film will ‘mislead people about the truth’. The 20-second trailer depicts Jesus’s reaction to the book’s claim that the church lied about a secret bloodline.”

We’re slack-jawwed. “Jesus’s reaction“?! Can you imagine?

“Hey, Jesus! Didya hear about this crazy book ‘The DaVinci Code’? It says you’re living with Mary Magadalene – in France!”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. Check it out.”

[thumbing through Code]

“Wha-? I am totally pissed off. I am going to reign fire down on Amy Pascal and all those other Jews at Columbia. They’ll be lucky if they open at $35 million when I’m done with them!”

“Now, Jesus…”

“Did you hear me? I am the Risen Christ, damn it! $35 million, for the whole weekend. Not a penny more!”