What Words Do Men Use On Twitter More Often Than Women?

Women aren’t from Venus and as far as I know men aren’t from Mars, but there are some differences between the two genders when it comes to Twitter. Tweetolife is a cool little web app that will show you how often men use a word of your choice on Twitter compared to women, in an intriguing look at how the two genders approach 140-character communication differently.

Tweetolife is created by a research group from the University of Trento in Italy which is based on the analysis of millions of tweets collected by researchers from the University of Edinburgh between November 2009 and February 2010. They used the first names of Twitter users to determine their gender, and then plugged everything into this nifty little web app for you to play with.

Based on the inputs that Tweetolife has preset for women and men, women tweet more about love and life and men tweet more about money and death. And men tweet much more about beer, women prefer tea, and both genders tweet the same amount about coke.

Aside from seeing the percentage of women and the percentage of men who tweet about a certain keyword, you can also use Tweetolife to view detailed information about what word(s) were most often used in conjunction with a particular keyword by each gender. For instance, both genders have an equal number of tweets containing the word “drink”, but men most often also include the words “nog”, “espresso”. “”urine” (yes, urine), “tonic” and “whisky”, while women use the words “responsibly”, “cocoa”, “spit”, “fav” and “snack” more often.

This little app has lots of potential insight into how women and men use Twitter, and it’s lots of fun to plug in words that you use most often to see how the genders split.