What We’ve Got Here (in the Art World) Is a Failure to Communicate

Artists, critics, curators, and art historians like to talk, just not always to each other. The Contemporary Project at the University of Southern California, a multi-year initiative to create new dialogues between the academy and the art world, is doing its part to enhance communication with a conversational conference scheduled for next Saturday, March 26 at USC’s Tutor Campus Center. The day-long event will focus on the challenge of communicating across the practical and professional divides. Speakers and interlocutors such as Artforum editor-in-chief Michelle Kuo, artist and professor Andrea Fraser, LACMA curator Franklin Sirmans, and critic Elizabeth Lebovici will wrestle with the question of how various art world players can speak to (rather than past) one another in the context of studio visits, crits, seminars, critical writing, and curating. Admission is free and a full schedule of the day is here. The organizers have entitled this third event in the Contemporary Conversations series “Can We Talk?”—so keep an eye out for Joan Rivers (or is that Maurizio Cattelan in a convincing Rivers mask?) critiquing attendees’ wardrobe choices on the way in.