What Were The Most Popular StumbleUpon Photos and Videos of 2011?

If I was pressed to answer, I’d probably say StumbleUpon was the first social aggregator site I ever used regularly.  Even before Digg, I had a little StumbleUpon toolbar which had just one big button which read “Stumble!”.  Each time I’d hit it, I was provided with a new interesting page from the web that other Stumblers had picked as a favorite.  It was also one of the first places that my first blog posts went viral.  I wrote a little tirade about how Microsoft Live Messenger had jumped the shark, and Stumblers went crazy for it.

Fast forward to 2011, and StumbleUpon is one of the leading social recommendation sites on the web.  With this year’s redesign, it’s poised to become a powerhouse in 2012.  Over at the StumbleUpon blog, the SU team broke down some of the biggest trends for the year, including an analysis of how major events such as the death of Steve Jobs and the Tsunami in Japan affected SU searches.  The infographic image is below.

The SU team also broke it down by gender.  One of the most popular Stumbles by men was this hilarious image by the folks at Cool Material:

Whereas the top Stumble by woman was a text-only post with 32 ways to “Tick People Off.”

There are a lot more awesome stats, videos and photos over at the official blog post at SU, so check them out.