What Web Journalists Must Do: A Different Take

Are you a web journalist (or a web journalist-wannabe)? Do you live and breathe Flash, CSS, social media, PHP, RSS, interactive whatever whatever whatever?

Might not matter, says Robert Hernandez, a web journalist and USC Annenberg assistant professor, who’s guest-blogging at the Online Journalism Review.

What skills do you need to stay relevant in online journalism?

“Know journalism,” he says.

Don’t believe him?

He took two dozen new media postings from JournalismJobs.com and extracted the requested skills from the posts. He then created a tag cloud of the results, which we’ll send you over to the original post to see.

This isn’t to say you should throw your Photoshop, HTML, and Twitter skills out the window—in fact, we’d argue they’re more important than ever at setting you apart from the thousands of other applicants.

But it’s a good reminder to not ignore the basics.