What We Didn’t Know About ‘Design Night’ In Detroit Could Fill a Warehouse Full of Car Designers


Huh. We’d never heard about this before, but maybe it’s just because we don’t read enough car magazines. The Detroit chapter of the business magazine Crain’s has a brief story about a big party for designers in the auto industry which coincides with the North American International Auto Show. Sounds like nothing you’d be surprised about really, because there must be parties all over the city during the event for people in every section of the industry, right? But then you read that they get between six and seven hundred of these designers all in the same place at once. Can you imagine the conversations at something like that? Granted, a normal person probably wouldn’t understand a lick of what any of them were talking about, as we’re guessing car design is a close cousin to some form of complicated engineering, but where else can you go to potentially run into the opportunity to hear, “I think they should bring back tail fin and here’s why…” Also interesting that the party has taken on some new, more design-y sponsorship this year:

For several years, the invitation-only party was sponsored by Ford Motor Co. and held at larger venues such as the Roostertail and the Majestic Theatre in Detroit. This year, sponsors included Roush Industries Inc., the College for Creative Studies, wireless company Madge, IDSA Michigan, Car Design News and Griswold Engineering Inc.

It was the third Designer’s Night for Richard Woolley, a designer on assignment with Ford from Land Rover in the United Kingdom. He said the event allows him to catch up with other designers. “The whole car culture is here in Detroit like no place in the world,” he said.

Okay, maybe we are just totally out of the loop on this one. Here’s a full report from the NY Times’ car blog, Wheels, about this year’s event (the NY Times has a car blog?!)