What Was The iPhone 5 Twitter Buzz On Launch Day? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yesterday was a big deal for Apple aficionados, as the company announced the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 5. Whether or not it is the holy grail of smartphones is yet to be seen, but if the buzz on Twitter during announcement day is any indication, it’s gonna make a big splash.

SocialBakers, a social media marketing and analytics company, had their finger on the pulse of iPhone 5 buzz yesterday.

They monitored the volume of tweets leading up to and including the iPhone 5 announcement in order to estimate excitement – and boy, were people excited!

Between 1 and 5PM Eastern, just around the time the iPhone 5 was unveiled, the Twitter buzz remained consistently around 180,000 mentions each hour. That’s up from about 18,000 mentions at 6PM the night before.

SocialBaker’s CheerMeter also looks at the number of “cheers” (also known as tweets) in the past hour, and the total number of tweets each day:

Also on the CheerMeter page is a live Twitter stream and Instagram photos that those watching the event posted, so you can really dig into the text- and image-based buzz surrounding one of the hottest smartphones on the market.

Take a look at updated Twitter buzz from SocialBakers over at the iPhone 5 CheerMeter.

Did you tweet about the iPhone 5 yesterday? Or follow the news in your Twitter stream? Let us know in the comments below.

(iPhone image via SocialBakers)