What Type of Photo Would You Take with Google Glasses?

With its Minority Report style interface, the new Google Glasses are something that seems to have arrived a few years ahead of their time.  I think most of us were expecting a little more time before we wore our computers on our faces and took photos using our voice or chatted with friends by touching a finger to our ears a la Star Trek.


But Google is looking ahead to the personal, meaningful moments that such a device will allow, and Google employee Sebastian Thrun has made a pretty compelling case for the glasses with this photo.

As a hobbyist photographer, the idea of getting both my hands into the photo and focusing on a moving subject is unheard off.  There’s no real way to take this kind of photo without some sort of trick.  I don’t think there could be a better case for at least having a pair of Glasses around, so kudos to Thrun who came up with the photo.  Google gave him the prototype glasses to see if he could take some interesting photos to demonstrate the tool and he came up with this.  Not bad.

Google is now asking what type of photos you’d take on their Google+ page.  Head over there to interact with the team and let them know what you think would be a great application of the Google Glasses.