What Type Of Communication Is Twitter Best For? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When marketers start out on social media, they are often unsure of what type of media to use to communicate. Should they send an email newsletter to announce that new product? A tweet? Update the Facebook page? All of it? Or something else altogether?

This infographic from SocialCast gives a clear explanation of what type of communication each social network is best for. Check it out below.

Twitter is apparently the best network if you’re looking for engaging your audience with phatic (small talk and sound bites) and evaluative (opinions, ideas, judgments of topics or people) communication. It’s not as good for factual or gut-level communication. If you’re looking to engage in these types of online communication, networks like Facebook and email might be better-suited to your needs.

Twitter is the king of many-to-many conversations, and as the infographic explains, it’s best for “sharing information or opinions, asking or answering questions, [and] providing links to published content.” Of course, we all use Twitter for these things, it’s just nice to see it’s communication powers enumerated and compared to other networks.

There is a lot of other info about the other popular social networks in the infographic below, so check it out and keep it handy next time you’re unsure of where to post your big news.