What To Watch After You See Edmonton Win the Cup

It’s no secret that this writer has a big crush on all things Canadian. Maybe it’s just that “grass is always greener” thing, but that big plot of land to the North of us just always seems a whole heck of a lot cooler. That’s why we’re eager to see the new film by writer Douglas Coupland, Souvenir of Canada, which attempts to try to figure out what makes Canada, Canada. We’ve always really loved Coupland, despite the time we saw him at a reading once and he was a bit uptight (he stopped reading at times to leer at children across the bookstore who were making noise and he was really upset that there was a small string section playing in the bookstore’s cafe some 100 yards away, barely audible to everyone in attendence), but we’ll forgive our memories and see this right away. Hope it’s as good as that fantastic documentary Barenaked in America, which had the thin venier of a Barenaked Ladies tour film, but was essentially about what Canadians. So maybe with both of these fine films, we can finally quelch that old Jon Stewart joke: “A Canadian woman asked me, ‘Be honest, what do Americans really think of Canadians?’ I said, ‘We don’t.'”