What to Feed a Hungry Daniel Libeskind


Just this weekend at a party, we were talking to a couple of architects who were also in attendance about all the new starchitect buildings they’d seen recently. Inevitably, it came around to this writer talking about seeing Daniel Libeskind‘s new Denver Art Museum a month or so ago. So Libeskind must’ve been in the air when we found this really swell interview with him in The Observer. But it isn’t your normal interview, nor is it even in the paper’s art and design area. Instead, you’ll find Libeskind in the Food Monthly section, talking about cookbooks and what he and his wife like to eat after he comes home from a hard day of planning the new World Trade Center buildings. Here’s some:

‘Food and architecture are very closely entwined,’ he tells me over dinner at his favourite Japanese restaurant – Hasaki in New York’s East Village. ‘I think people no longer separate: here’s architecture, and here’s cuisine. It’s a singular experience. In fact, I think they are getting closer. I designed a restaurant for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and it’s a very spectacular place. It’s like a museum space — it has a view over Toronto, and it’s designed to give people who come to the museum not just a restaurant but an experience of where they are. And they’ve hired a very, very good chef — he’s creating a cocktail based on the form of the museum!’