What To Do If @JessicaAlba Is Following You on Twitter

How you act on Twitter might not be how you act in real life. And how you act on Twitter when @JessicaAlba is following you is a whole other story. Or so goes the logic of comedian and musician Donald Glover, who found out yesterday that the actress was following him.

Glover began prefacing everything he posted with the hastag #normaltweetnoteffectedbyjessicaalba. The conceit was that, just as you would probably be, Glover was consumed by thoughts of his new celebrity follower. And the joke did not wear thin the second, third, fourth or fifth times.

Glover not only won an award for being the “Most Awesome Massage Giver” yesterday, but he also did 300 push ups, wore out the crotch of his jeans, and sat down to watch Idle Hands. None of which, he assures us with his carefully placed hashtag, was affected by being followed by Jessica Alba.

Then inexplicably, @MrDonaldGlover disappeared to be replaced by simply @DonaldGlover. Glover explained the change on Twitter: “After a long legal battle and a months of negotiations, me and my father have settled our twitter accounts… I am now @DonaldGlover and my father is now @donaldsdad #adorable.”

No word yet on whether Jessica Alba’s mom is following Donald’s dad.