What To Buy While Waiting for Your Cloud House to be Finished

This week, the anniversary of a disaster that wasn’t so much about a hurricane, but everything to do with faulty planning, Inhabitat has a great bit of information up about the “amphibious architecture” of the Dutch firm Waterstudio. Some really terrific images too. There’s a nice collection of links therein and its well worth your time, particularly if you a) like things that kinda look like a floating van der Rohe building or b) you live near coastal waters and are scared out of your mind. Here’s some:

In the months following Katrina, one of the most interesting design solutions we found for dealing with rising water levels was the amphibious architecture of Dutch firm Waterstudio. Architect Koen Olthius specializes in a unique technology that allows land-based buildings to detach from the ground and float under rising water conditions. Olthius’ claim to fame is that he focuses exclusively on aqueous design — design for building in, on and at the water — in a country where water dominates the landscape.